FOCAL Fundraising Events

Car Boot Sales
The car boot season is now well and truly over, and Peter is delighted to report that the total monies raised in 2018 was £609.40.
Virtual Walk: Land’s End to John O’Groats. WHERE IS PETER?Lanarkshire. His progress in December has been subdued as his wife had her second knee replacement operation of 2018 and so his actual walking has been limited to small local routes around the village. A new year’s resolution will change all this, and he has vowed to increase his weekly mileage  by doing at least one longer walk every week in addition to his normal daily strut, especially as Google Maps is telling him he still has a further 312 miles to go before he reaches John O’ Groats.

FOCAL Sponsorship Event

Virtual Walk: Land’s End to John O’Groats. – Where is Peter?   FOCAL’s  secretary, Peter Britton, has now completed over 300 miles of his virtual walk from Lands End to John O’Groats.  Go to to see how it works and read his weekly blogs as to how far he has got.  You can also donate on the site.

‘Adderbury Wheels’

Now the nights are drawing in we meet at 6.00 pm on a Wednesday evening. Bring your lights if you have any. We will be moving our start time back even earlier as the light goes but should be OK for a while now  The last Wednesday evening will be 24 October.   We still meet at 9.30 am every Saturday morning, and we always meet outside the library.


Have you been caught up in the recent excitement of the Commonwealth Games on The Gold Coast? The England netball team, the Roses, were victorious and took the gold medal home after nailbiting semis and a breathtaking final against Australia who have been unbeaten for what seems like forever!! The Roses have been fighting for the top position in recent years but have never gained it until now. Many people have been newly excited by netball as a spectator sport and in recent years England netball has launched a nationwide back to netball scheme that has been hugely successful in boosting local team numbers and encouraging ladies and girls to play for fun and fitness.

Sharp and Blunt – The Ladies’ Side

Despite the strong Morris tradition in Adderbury, dating back to the early 20th century, it was not until April 2010 that our ladies’ side was formed. Following a conversation between Tay Yardley Barnes and Keith Norton at the Day of Dance, Tay gathered together 12 would-be dancers and two musicians within a few hours and Sharp and Blunt was born. The name was chosen in honour of Cecil Sharp and Janet Blunt, both avid collectors of Morris and folk dances and songs during the first half of the 20th century. Coincidentally, Janet lived at Le Halle Place, where our squire, Laura Walker, lives now.

FOCAL are looking for New Committee Members

Adderbury Library is a fantastic village facility but is only kept open, for its current hours, by the fund raising activities of “FOCAL” its Friends support group. FOCAL ( Friends of Adderbury Library ) are looking for new committee members who have an interest in supporting this community asset.