‘May I recommend to those interested as to the use this land is to be put that they read as a matter of urgency the latest communication from Caroline Ford the officer in charge of this application to the Clerk and the Chair of Adderbury Parish Council.
Go to www.cherwell-dc.gov.uk; Planning; View a planning application; 18/00220/F.
It appears that a considerable amount of work has yet to be done to get this application to any sort of acceptable format. It now seems likely that consideration of it by the full Planning Committee will be delayed into June at the earliest.
In view of the progress to date one must wonder at the capabilities of those submitting this application.
It is I believe important to note that any drainage work has to be approved before any work can be started and therefore seeding that is/was due to take place within the new few weeks must, it seems be delayed until the Autumn since it cannot be done until the drainage work, if approved, has been completed. Need one query what all the rush was for?
There are other comments that bring this whole project into question.
Perhaps we the community of Adderbury may yet get a community area fit for most of if not all the village’s residents.
Peter Burrows’

‘I am absolutely horrified to see from the latest document on the Cherwell planning portal (titled Sport England 6/4/18) that the parish council plans to skim the field with a laser levelled blade to remove minor irregularities to create the level needed for pitches. These so-called minor irregularities could well be the ancient “barrow” recently mentioned in the article on www.saveadderbury.co.uk, or other archaeological remains, such as a “round house” or a “henge monument”. This whole site is so important to the history of the village and I cannot understand why the council is not treating it with the respect it deserves. To deliberately flatten the land to remove this archaeology is just vandalism to my mind.

I also see that it is planned for the site to drain into a ditch running along the northern boundary, this seems to include the piece of land given for the cemetery extension. Does this mean the Milton Rd land will drain towards the cemetery? We already have massive problems there with the ground being water-logged, and with flooding of houses on that side of Horn Hill, again I cannot understand the reasoning behind this plan.

Maybe I am the only person who cares about the archaeological value of the Milton Rd land but it seems to me that we are intent on getting rid of the very things that make Adderbury so special.

Mrs S Bradley

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  • S Bradley

    NB The drainage and levelling work is apparently going to be completed by the end of May 18.

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