Through Adderbury Parish Council Andy Millard and Laura Walker have been tasked with forming a snow warden scheme in the village.  They are looking for volunteers to help around the village.  We all know how bad it can get in the village when we have a snow fall.  The main roads are gritted but this leaves the village streets untreated and sometimes difficult to get around.   Snow wardens are volunteers who play an active role in their community when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Snow wardens help clear side roads and pavements of snow and ice in their local area.  Not just helping neighbours it helps the most vulnerable people who may struggle to help themselves.

How much time you put in is up to you – all we ask is that you do as much as you can. Snow Warden duties are seasonal and at times you will need to be reactive to the weather conditions.

Laura and Andy are looking for volunteers to help manage the gritting the streets throughout Adderbury. Volunteers will be provided with gloves, grit and a shovel to help fellow residents in their street.  The safety of the volunteers is top priority so please do not think that you have to commit to every snow fall or heavy frost.

If you are interested in getting involved. Please email Laura on for more details and go along to The Bell Inn 19:00, 21 January to hear more.

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