The Parish Council has decided to support the Royal British Legion’s ‘Silent Soldier’ campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.  The Silent Soldier is a life size silhouette of a soldier returning home after his tour.

The Parish Council has agreed purchase a Silent Soldier for installation somewhere in the village, from now until the end of December 2018.

The Silent Soldier could be placed anywhere visible such as village greens, parks, playing fields and gardens, out in the fields, on buildings or perhaps by the side of the road.  The Parish Council has initially thought of approaching Rev Stephen Fletcher about locating it in St Mary’s Church yard.

Do you have an idea about another location?  If so please let the Parish Council know

Why a Silent Soldier?

Following the end of the war in November 1918, the process of demobilisation and discharge was still a long process as the British Army still had commitments to fulfil in Germany, North Russia and in the garrisons of the Empire.

On arrival back in England the men would move to a Dispersal Centre, this was a hutted or tented camp or barracks where they received a railway warrant or ticket to their home station. From there they were on their own, and would be seen across the country,walking back home, down the roads and across the fields, returning to their families. Most of the war service men were back in civilian life by the end of 1919.

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  • Ann Lyons

    Update re The Silent Soldier
    I am sure many villagers will have noticed that the Adderbury Silent Soldier is in place.
    In case you haven’t noticed him he is at the bottom of The Rise on the corner of the Oxford Road.

  • Peter Burrows

    Is there any more news/progress on the Silent Soldier or Soldiers for the
    village? The last I saw and then queried was that the village was to give
    £1000.00, presumably four soldiers. The author of that remarks has been
    silent ever since, perhaps it was that he, or was it she or even one of the
    anonymous ‘ITS’ forgot what he/she posted or is too embarrassed to own up?

    Come on now ‘donta be shy eh?

  • Ann Lyons

    Could I just remind everyone that the reason for purchasing a Silent Soldier for the village is to honour the memory of all military personnel from the Great War
    This is something that many villagers, including the Morris Men and the bell ringers have been doing over the last four years
    I say over the last four years but as a nation we have been doing this for one hundred years
    On a personal note my grandfather was one of those Silent Soldiers, the only survivor from five of my family who enlisted
    So may I suggest that we put our minds to where our Silent Soldier should be

  • Peter Burrows

    Why is the PC going to donate £1,000.00 for the Silent Soldier since the
    advertised cost of one is £250.00?

    Are we going to have four of them?

    I believe that Nigel Randall has offered a donation of £50.00 on behalf of the
    Banbury Branch of the British Legion, so all that is needed is the balance of £200.00.

    Is someone confusing monies required for one Silent Soldier with the proposed
    loan of £1000.00 recently reported?

    • Peter Burrows

      Further to the above the Draft minutes for the February Parish Council Meeting
      state that it was decided to purchase a Silent Soldier at a cost of £250.00.

      Subsequently it has been announced as above that the Parish Council has
      decided to donate £1000.00 for the purchase of a Silent Soldier. There is no
      record of this decision being taken and approved by those present, so one must
      ask when, where and by whom was this decision taken.

      Perhaps the contributor to who made this report would elucidate?

      • Peter Burrows

        It is quite simple either the report of £1000.00 being offered towards the cost
        of Silent Soldier(s) in Adderbury is correct or incorrect. I do wish the
        contributor would confirm or deny this figure? The real name of the real
        person would be appreciated!

  • Ann Lyons

    I am really pleased that as a village we are going to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1
    I did suggest at the last Parish Council meeting that we considered putting the soldier in the churchyard next to the crosses that the Morris Men have placed in honour of the villages fallen soldiers
    The Morris Men and the bell ringers have done an excellent job over the last four years in remembering theses men
    However if other villagers have different ideas I , as a Parish Councillor am quite happy to listen
    I believe that there is a possibility of some villagers purchasing another Silent Soldier with a suggested location by The Crescent
    This seems like a good idea to me, as these houses were originally built for soldiers returning from WW1 and also everyone traveling through the village will see it

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