Meetings – During November 2020, there was one meeting of the Parish Council held on Zoom on 24 November 2020 and one meeting of the Environment Committee held on 10 November 2020.
The next meeting of the Environment Committee is scheduled for Tuesday 26 January 2021 at 7.30pm and would be held on Zoom.
Copies of agendas and minutes are available on the PC web site.

Environment/Highways/Footpaths – The formal consultation had commenced for the chicanes on Milton Road and Berry Hill Road and the deadline was 18 December 2020.  This was also the deadline for comments on the proposed double yellow lines on the junction of The Rise and Banbury Road.  Further details can be found here:

It was hoped that work on the chicanes could start in March 2021 and at the same time, the western arm of the Horn Hill Road/Milton Road junction would be closed.  Large planters were required to block the road and if anyone could assist the Parish Council with sourcing these, please contact the Clerk.

A meeting had been held with the County Council’s Footpath Officer to discuss using Section 106 funds in the village to improve the Long Wall footpath.   A request would also be made for a cycleway from the village to the Business Park on Aynho Road.

Drivers are reminded not to park their vehicles on the green in The Rise, as it is an amenity area not a designated parking area.  Parking on the green damages the grass, kerb stones and obstructs the grass cutting contractor from being able to maintain the grass.  Parents/carers attending the Primary School are also requested not to park dangerously at the junction of The Rise and Banbury Road.

The ‘Paint Means Poo’ initiative is being worked on by Councillors and members of the community to try and encourage dog walkers to pick up their dogs’ mess.  Look out for fluorescent paint which will indicate where mess has been left.  A new dog waste bin would be purchased for Manor Road, if a suitable location could be identified near the Adderbury Circular public footpath.

Issues relating to the maintenance of highways, footpaths and street lighting should be reported by residents to

There has been a general increase in many areas of fly-tipping and if residents were aware of any, they should report it to Cherwell District Council. When using the bottle recycling bins on the Banbury Road, please do not leave any other rubbish.

The biodiversity project in St Mary’s Road was continuing with local residents and the Parish Council would be funding the installation of eight bollards to prevent vehicles from parking on the front of the wild meadow area.  If any residents would like to join the working groups helping the PC to look after the St Mary’s Road biodiversity area or the amenity areas on Sydenham Close/Long Wall, please contact the Clerk.

Maintenance work had been carried out in the village to various amenity areas, such as the allotments, Adderbury Lakes and the Lucy Plackett and more work was due to be undertaken in Rawlins Close.


Snow Wardens – If any residents would like to support the village and become a Snow Warden to clear and grit footpaths during the winter, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Adderbury Lakes – A structural survey of the dam between the two lakes had been undertaken and the path alongside the deer field was currently closed.  The Lakes Management Committee has established a one way system to comply with Covid 19 Guidance. Please can all visitors be aware of this guidance and ensure they follow the signed route.

Budget and Precept 2021/2022 – This would be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 12 January 2021.

The Parish Council/Working for Adderbury Community project for Sports and community facilities on Milton Road – An application was due to be submitted to Cherwell District Council with plans to change the position and reduce the size of the building on the Milton Road site.  This reduction was due to the lack of grant funding which was now available due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All the key features of the building still remain. Working for Adderbury Community held their AGM on 23 November 2020.  It was hoped the Ball could now be held on 20 November 2021.

Access to Milton Road Land – The Parish Council would like to kindly remind members of the public that they should not be accessing the Parish Council’s land on Milton Road (site of the community building and sports pitches), due to the health and safety risks of contractors being on site.  Taking photographs of the infiltration basin will also be at your own risk.   There is no public access over the land and there is also no reason to cut the fencing in the north west corner onto the adjoining land because this is privately owned land.  Therefore, for your own safety, please do not access any of this land.

Nicholas King Site – Assistance was being provided by the Parish Council and District Councillor Andrew McHugh, to residents of Henge Close who have highlighted issues with the play area on this site and the recent planning permission for a new dwelling.  The matter had been escalated to Cherwell District Council.

Adderbury Library – Volunteers were required to assist with Adderbury Library to enable to it re-open.  If anyone was interested, please contact the Clerk.

Community Governance Review (CGR) – The second stage of the consultation is being held between 2 November 2020 and 4 January 2021 and all residents will again be contacted by Cherwell District Council to make their comments.  After the first stage of the consultation, CDC agreed that the Parish Council should not be split, but it would seek views on increasing the number of Councillors and the Parish being split into two Wards.  The Parish Council is opposed to the idea of wards and its response is available on the PC web site.

More details on the CGR can be found on the Cherwell District Council web site or by contacting Democratic Services at Cherwell District Council.

Parish Council Surgeries – Due to the pandemic, these were cancelled until further notice.

‘No Cold Calling’ – Window stickers would be available for free to residents if they wish to have one.  They would be available for collection in three locations and these would be advised once permission had been received from the owners of the premises.  If any residents would like a sticker posted to them, please contact the Clerk on 01295 710965.

Faulty Street Lights – Please report on freephone 0800 317802 giving exact destination and pole number if possible.  Or report to

Power Cuts – The new, free, three digit, 105 telephone number to call in the event of a power cut has now gone live.

Meeting Dates – The next Parish Council meeting is being held on 12 January 2021 and although meetings are usually held at Church House, High Street, Adderbury, this meeting will be held on Zoom, if the Government guidelines on social distancing have not been relaxed.  Please contact the Clerk for the joining details.  Information is also available on the PC web site.

Minutes and Reports – The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at

Facebook – Follow Adderbury Parish Council on Facebook

The Digital Infrastructure Programme at Oxfordshire County Council has been awarded £1m from the MHCLG, ‘Getting Building Fund.’ We are using this funding to top-up the existing voucher scheme up to a value of £7,000 per qualifying property in Oxfordshire; both residential and business premises can receive this amount.

This presents a great opportunity to increase broadband speeds up to 1,000Mb/s on a full-fibre connection. All other terms and conditions remain and anyone interested should visit: where the application process starts. We will readily help anyone if they have any questions and applications must still form part of a group project – two or more residents and/or SMEs combining their vouchers towards the shared cost of infrastructure build; single connections are not eligible for funding.

This is a chance to use HMG funding now, to get the best broadband connection possible!

Please contact: Oxfordshire County Council, Planning & Place Communities, County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND


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