During November 2018, there was one meeting of Adderbury Parish Council on 27 November 2018 and a meeting of the Environment Committee on 13 November 2018.

During the month, the Parish Council, individual Councillors and the Clerk carried out a number of tasks and work on projects in the village, which included the below.

Traffic Calming – This had been the main item on the agenda for the Environment Committee on 13 November 2018.  Over twenty residents attended the meeting and supported the need for traffic calming measures in the village.  Since that meeting, further work had been undertaken and the next meeting of the Committee was being held on 4 December 2018 at 10am at the Methodist Hall.  Officers from the County Council would be attending the meeting and it was hoped that County Councillor Arash Fatemian would attend too. In addition, Jonathan White had been co-opted onto the Committee as a non-voting member.  It had been commented that 10am was not a suitable time for all residents to be able to attend the meeting.  The Committee was aware of this, however to ensure that the issues could be addressed in a timely fashion, meetings had to be held during the day to ensure the attendance of the Clerk and as many Councillors as possible.

Highways/footpaths – The Clerk had again reported to OCC, the trees which needed cutting back by Duchess Bridge as they were covering the road speed signs and also the drains which needed clearing on Oxford/Banbury Road.  Also the need to repair the damaged bollard on the traffic island near Gracewell Care Home. Estate agents had been asked to remove signs which were not located within the boundary of the property which was for sale.  The Parish Council also thanks the resident who has cleaned the road signs on Oxford Road.

Issues relating to highways, footpaths and street lighting can be reported by residents to https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Tree Planting/Wild Flower Meadow – A resident had contacted the Parish Council about planting new trees in The Rise.  The Parish Council had asked the resident to contact those living in The Rise and seek their thoughts on the project, before any further decision was made.  A resident of the village was also continuing to cultivate the wild flower meadow in The Rise and she was thanked for her work.

Forest Schools – The Forest Schools project at the Primary School was continuing on the Parish Council’s land adjacent to Adderbury Court.  The Head Teacher from the Primary School had thanked the Parish Council, in particular the Chairman, for all the support the school had received with this project.

Lucy Plackett Play AreaResidents are reminded that dogs are not allowed in the play areas at The Rise and the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and should be kept on a lead in the Playing Field.

Lucy Plackett Playing Field – There had been reports of bad language being used during football matches at the playing field and also by children using the play area and MUGA.  The Parish Council would work with the Football Club to address this issue.

Residents were asked to enjoy the facilities at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field, but if the litter bins were full, please could rubbish be thrown away at home and not left on the ground around the litter bins.

Planning – The PC made comments to Cherwell District Council (CDC) and on occasion, South Northants Council on a number of planning applications and notices of intent for works to trees.  The Clerk and Chairman of the Parish Council would continue with the necessary work to discharge the three pre-commencement conditions relating to the planning consent for the change of use on the Parish Council land on Milton Road land.

Adderbury Lakes – Work has been completed on the Ice House and the Parish Council thanked residents who had volunteered to help at the Lakes, including one who has mended the tiles on the roof of the Boat House. The Path improvement project was now also complete.

Remembrance – On Sunday 11 November 2018, Councillor Ann Lyons had laid a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council at the Cenotaph in London. Councillor Chris Shallis had laid a wreath at the village Remembrance Service on behalf of the Parish Council.

Working for Adderbury Community (WFAC) – The Ball organised by WFAC had been a big success and had raised approximately £8000 for five village charities: the Milton Road Community project, FOSMA, FOCAL, Christopher Rawlins School and for Katharine House.  The Parish Council congratulated all those involved on their success with this event.  The Parish Council also confirmed its commitment that the Section 106 funds allocated by Cherwell District Council from the Nicholas King development of £450,000 would be spent on the Milton Road project.  A business plan was currently being worked on.   Ball Colgrave had also been given permission to use the land to access their site on 24 July 2019 for their annual charity event.

Defibrillator – This had been purchased and arrangements were now being made for the installation at The Bell Inn, by Western Power.  The original location for the defibrillator had been outside of the Methodist Hall however following further investigations, this site was found not to be suitable.

Correspondence/Communication – The Clerk has dealt with a number of letters, emails, telephone calls and face to face conversations with residents on a variety of other issues affecting them and the village and had updated the Parish Council web site and Facebook page on a regular basis. The Parish Council Surgery was held on the first Saturday of the month at Church House, from 11.00 am to 12 noon.

Resignation/Vacancy – Chris Shallis had resigned from the Parish Council and he was thanked at the PC meeting, for all his hard work and effort during his time as a Councillor.  This meant that there was a vacancy on the Parish Council and if anyone was interested in applying, they should contact the Clerk.

Annual Parish Meeting (APM) 2019 – The APM will be held on 17 April 2019 at the Methodist Hall, Chapel Lane, Adderbury at 7.30 pm.

Cemetery Fees – Cemetery fees for 2019/2020 would not be increased.

To dog owners, please ensure that all dog faeces are cleared up and either taken home (and placed in household waste Green Bins) or placed in the dog waste bins provided.  Take extra care on grassed areas where children play.  Dogs must also be kept on a lead in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and at the Adderbury Lakes Nature Reserve.

Faulty Street Lights – Please report on freephone 0800 317802 giving exact destination and pole number if possible.  Or report to https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Power Cuts – The new, free, three digit, 105 telephone number to call in the event of a power cut has now gone live.

Meeting Date – The next two Parish Council meetings are being held on 15 January 2019 and 26 February 2019.  There is no meeting in December 2018.  Meetings are held at Church House, High Street, Adderbury.  Parish Council meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Church House at 7.30pm.  If you wish to attend, please check these details with the Clerk, prior to the meeting, in case there have been any changes.  Information is also available on the PC web site.

Minutesand  Reports – The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at www.adderburypc.co.uk

Facebook – Follow Adderbury Parish Council on Facebook
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