During March 2018, there was one meeting of Adderbury Parish Council and one meeting of the Staffing Committee and during the month, the Parish Council, individual Councillors and the Clerk carried out a number of tasks and work on projects in the village, which included the below.

 Highways/footpaths – a meeting was held with the County Council’s Footpath Officer about the creation of a footpath behind Gracewell Care Homes and the Parish Council now supports this proposal; a number of potholes have been reported to the County Council; street lamp number 8 on Cross Hill Road had been reported to the County Council a number of times because it was not working, however a new lantern had been ordered and was due to be installed shortly; a number of surveys monitoring the speed and volume of traffic in the village would be starting in the next few weeks; requests have been made for the relocation of estate agents boards so that they are placed within the boundary of the properties which are for sale.  Issues relating to highways, footpaths and street lighting can be reported by residents to https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Maintenance – Works had been carried out by Cherwell District Council around the area of Henry Gepp Close and tree work had been completed in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and on the bridleway in Twyford.

Forest Schools – The Forest Schools project at the Primary School is continuing on the Parish Council’s land at Adderbury Court and the children had submitted to the Parish Council, a range of wonderful ideas about how the land could be used.  Councillors will now review these ideas and try to incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible.

Milton Road Land – A planning application has been submitted for change of use and following consultation and a meeting with Cherwell District Council, this application would now be progressed as a full application.  This was to ensure that the change of use is only for the sowing of the grass for pitches. Any further infrastructure for the future use of the site as sports pitches and a community facility will be subject to further discussions with CDC planning office.

Parish Council Surgery – held on the first Saturday of the month at Church House, from 11.00 am to 12 noon.

Planning – making comments to Cherwell District Council and on occasion, South Northants Council on a number of planning applications and works to trees; continued liaison with Barwood Homes and seeking legal advice over issues relating to access for machinery from their entrance road into the Parish Council land adjacent to Adderbury Court amenity area.; and the Parish Council had confirmed its objection to the amended proposal for 53 houses on Berry Hill Road as there had not been any changes to address the fundamental concerns the Parish Council had with the original application for 60 houses.

Lakes Work Parties – was held on 10 March 201 (as the snow prevented it on 3 March 2018).  The Parish Council thanks all the volunteers for their contributions.

 Members’ Allowances 2018/2019 – The Parish Councillors would continue to complete their roles on a voluntary basis and reimbursements would only be made for travel, subsistence and stationery, if requested.

Working for Adderbury Community (WFAC) Ball – A loan of £1000 would be made to WFAC to enable a venue to be secured for a village Ball in 2018.

Defibrillator – The Parish Council will be purchasing a defibrillator for the village, following the village fundraising which was organised by Councillor Chris Shallis. Investigations are still ongoing as to a suitable location and contact has been made with Western Power to discuss the necessary power feed. Thank you to all those who supported this very worthwhile cause.

Day of Dance – The annual Day of Dance is being held on Saturday 28 April 2018 and there will be the usual road closure through the village. A number of the Parish Councillors will be monitoring the closure between 10am and 7pm, but should any residents have an hour to spare on the day, the Parish Council is looking for volunteers to assist. If you would be able to help, please email the Clerk at adderburypc@hotmail.com

Parking at Christopher Rawlins Primary School – The Parish Council would be arranging a meeting with the County Council, Thames Valley Police and Christopher Rawlins Primary School so that a joint approach could be coordinated to address the parking issues.

New Homes Bonus – £4730.25 for 2017/2018 is allocated between the Friends Meeting House and the Milton Road/Lucy Plackett Playing Field Leisure Facilities project, particularly adult gym equipment. 

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan – The ANP has now been approved by the Examiner and will  be progressed to the referendum stage by Cherwell District Council.  All those involved with the Plan were thanked for their hard work.

Local Council Award Scheme – The Parish Council had registered with the National Association of Local Councils to work towards the Foundation Level of the Local Council award Scheme.

Correspondence/ Communication – dealing with a number of letters, emails, telephone calls and face to face conversations with residents on a variety of other issues affecting them and the village and updating the Parish Council web site and Facebook page on a regular basis.

 Judicial Reviews – High Court Judge David Cooke, has made an Order that Mr Nigel Davies, Lindale, Berry Hill Road, Adderbury has to pay the Parish Council’s legal costs of £6100 which it spent fighting the two failed Judicial Reviews.  A copy of the Order has been circulated to the Parish Council and is available on the Parish Council web site.

Parish Council Precept 2018/2019 – The Parish Council precept for 2018/2019 has increased by 8.6%, however the Council Tax will only go up by 5.0% because there are 3.4% more houses in Adderbury, expressed as Band D equivalents. A copy of the budget was available on the Parish Council web site.

Year Precept Tax base Parish Council Tax
2017/2018 £43,286 1,263.5 £34.26
2018/2019 £47,007 1,306 £35.99
Increase 8.6% 3.4% 5.0%

 The Adderbury Annual Parish Meeting – is being held on Wednesday 11 April 2018 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall and all residents are invited to attend.  Carol MacKay from the County Council’s Emergency Planning unit will be giving a presentation at the meeting.


Please could residents pay special attention to cutting back hedges and trees during the winter months, to ensure safe walking at night. With the dark evenings, it is important to keep footpaths and walkways clear of encroaching growth and ensure street lights are at their most effective.

To dog owners, please ensure that all dog faeces are cleared up and either taken home (and placed in household waste Green Bins) or placed in the dog bins provided.  Take extra care on grassed areas where children play.  Dogs must also be kept on a lead in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and at the Adderbury Lakes Nature Reserve.

Faulty Street Lights – Please report on freephone 0800 317802 giving exact destination and pole number if possible.  Or report to https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Power Cuts – The new, free, three digit, 105 telephone number to call in the event of a power cut has now gone live.

Meeting Date – The next Parish Council meeting is on 24 April 2018 at Church House, Adderbury.

Parish Council meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Church House at 7.30 pm.  If you wish to attend, please check these details with the Clerk, prior to the meeting, in case there have been any changes.  Information is also available on the PC web site.

Minutes & Reports – The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at www.adderburypc.co.uk

Facebook – Follow Adderbury Parish Council on Facebook

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