This is an  appeal on behalf of the Royal British Legion, Adderbury andMilton Branch.  Our branch has been in existence since 1922 so this is our 95th year.  I would like to appeal or offer an invitation, on behalf of the Branch, for more new members.  Our numbers are very low and we do not seem to be attracting any new interest.  We are currently meeting bi-monthly and we meet at the Bowls Club on a Thursday at 2.00 pm. We really do wish that we can make our centenary.  We sometimes have trips out to interesting places. Our last one was to the National Arboretum. We have a summer lunch and our Christmas meeting takes the form of a special lunch too. All are welcome to attend our regular meetings, so why not come along and see who we are and what we do! The meeting dates are in the Contact diary pages and on this website.

We really do hope this long lived branch can keep going. Our appeal doesn’t just apply to ex-service personnel, all are welcome.

For more information please contact me, Jean Moore on 01295 810246 or If you are able to help collect door to door for the annual Poppy Appeal in October, we would greatly appreciate it, especially on and around the newly built estates in the village. I will collate any names and pass them to our Poppy Collection Organiser. Thank you Adderbury.

Jean Moore

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  • Tony Stockford

    Hello Jean,

    My sisters were talking to me about your Father. I vaguely remember his lorry. Cynthia and the rest claim he came to meadow view after work and gave them all a ride to the Oak where he garaged the lorry. Not sure whether your dad was a Legion Member. I would not join as I may have to go on Divisions. I never enjoyed that always avoiding it.

    • Jean Moore

      Hi Tony. Nice to hear from someone who knew my Dad, sadly I didn’t as he died about 3 weeks after I was born. I haven’t much info about him really. All the old villagers that I remember seem to have passed on now. Always got out of most divs as I was a watchkeeper. Am at the Cenotaph this year so marching is the worst!! We all get a cheer and it is an inspiring experience.

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