Reopening Plan for Adderbury Institute – current position as at 12 September.   In line with a large number of other community venues Adderbury Institute remains closed at the moment.  Around mid-August, after being advised we could look into reopening, the Committee began work considering how this could be achieved safely, within current guidance and whilst protecting the Institute’s volunteers and contractors, users and the wider general public.  A comprehensive risk assessment draft was completed and discussed by the Committee.  The cost of implementing the risk assessment requirements were calculated at over £1,000.
The risk assessment, once agreed by everyone on our Committee, will be sent for approval by our Trustees who must ultimately sanction the building being reopened.
Ensuring the risk assessment and planning is comprehensive and effective is no small task and its importance should not be underestimated.  It will not be sent for approval by the Trustees until all the Committee are happy with it. Changing government rules also have an impact.
Those considering making bookings when the Institute does reopen must bear in mind they will need to provide us with full details of how they plan to comply with the law and mitigate the risks for those at their event.
We understand for some the Institute may appear to be “locked, barred and bolted” but our conservative approach has the sole aim of saving lives by doing all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19. That has to be our overriding concern.
A further statement will be made when more information is available

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