Fosma is thinking of arranging for a beehive to be situated in the churchyard and, before we do, we want to make sure we have canvassed public opinion to make sure we have the right support? We are thinking about installing it in a quiet corner of the churchyard and funding its maintenance through selling sponsorship. The honey we make would be part of the sponsorship package and those who are interested would be able to come and “meet” the bees and be given a short talk by the professional beekeeper who has agreed to look after them for us.
We would take care that the hive is fenced, placed well away from the main footpath and that there is adequate signage. Also we are able to shut it down for a little if a large number of people are likely to be around – during a wedding or funeral for example.
The costings haven’t been worked out yet but it certainly won’t raise a fortune for St Mary’s. On the other hand it will help the environment and may give those who are interested the opportunity to learn more and explore our beautiful church and grounds. It may even bring people into the churchyard who would not otherwise come.
That said, it is recognised that it is a holy place and some people might disagree with it being used in this way. We really don’t want to offend people so, before we go too far, we just wanted to see what the general view of this would be and whether you think it is a good idea?
Please note the funds we are raising are for the maintenance of the structure not for religious purposes. It’s a fabulous building with over 500 years of history behind it but it needs constant work. It’s worth preserving if we can.
The photo by the way is just to show you what it might look like!
Thank you in advance for your comments.

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  • Juniper-Hope Strong

    Great idea. I also love the wild sections of the churchyard, with amazing wild flowers growing amongst the long grasses.

  • Val Scarff

    The churchyard is a sacred and holy place it is a burial ground and should be respected as such.
    Relatives whose loved ones are buried there may also may not be happy with this idea.
    It is not a nature reserve either.
    There are so many problems and dangerous repercussions that could arise from this idea especially from those who are allergic to bees !!

    The decision to have a hive is also not the decision of FOSMA but the PCC

    • Caroline Jones

      Thank you for your comment Val. You are absolutely right the PCC will make a decision on this. This post was only to canvas public opinion and I apologise if I did not make this clear. We certainly do not want to offend anyone – in fact that’s why I posted in the first place. My apologies if this missed the mark.

  • Sue Horner

    excellent idea – Adderbury needs more “greening” and wildlife care

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