The application to build a two-storey cottage with parking and garden in land East of Adderbury House Lodge, Lake Walk, Adderbury has been resubmitted. and now withdrawn.  No further details available. Visit 16/01218/F

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  • Ros Bailey

    OCC have resubmitted a planning application to build on the green space on the right of the entrance to Lake Walk – 16/01939/F. Other than some design changes to the proposed two storey house, parking and garden nothing has changed and this will still compromise the aesthetic quality of the conservation area and create significant road safety issues. This is not just an issue for nearby residents so again I would urge you to check this out and make your views known to CDC and our local representatives.

  • Peter Burrows

    This would seem to be a temporary withdrawal whilst matters of design detailed in emails 2 and 3 August are considered. These emails do not appear on CDC’s Planning website. The mind boggles at what the applicant may come up with to justify building on this site. As has been pointed out this would appear to be a ‘fishing expedition’ to obtain outline planning permission ready for a quick sale for a quick buck! We should all keep a watchful eye on this one!

  • Ros Bailey

    I would urge villagers, not just the residents of Lake Walk but all who appreciate this part of Adderbury conservation area to view and comment on this application by OCC to build a three bedroom house on open village green space. As well as compromising the aesthetics of the historic approach to Adderbury House and Lakes there would be significant road safety issues. Not all documents have been properly scanned by CDC but you can request that they email copies.

    • Simon McAvoy

      Completely agree Ros – if they can build there they can build anywhere in our village.

      Question – When is a conservation area not a conservation area?
      Answer – When OCC want to build on it!

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