Voices Across Time will be performing ‘Old Boundary Lane’ in the Institute at 7.30 pm each evening and a matinee at 2.30 pm on 1 July. Come and join us to decide the fate of Old Boundary Lane complete with old-time music hall sing-alongs and plenty of entertainment!

It is the summer of 1913 and the streets of London are lined with women standing shoulder to shoulder in support of their fellow sister, Emily Davison, whose funeral march is weaving its way through the London streets.

Deep in the east end, the cast of the Old Boundary Lane Music Hall are facing depleting audiences, who favour the grander Variety Theatres and are desperately trying to keep their doors open. When the director suddenly dies the hall passes to his widow, Penny Whitlock, who wants to achieve her dreams of creating the best music hall in all of London. She believes she has a unique way of saving the Hall but set in a world where every day they are reminded that women are far inferior to men, will a show directed by a woman even stand a chance? How can she show her support for Emily Davison and her fellow suffragettes?

Tickets are £10 and a bar is available. Money will be raised for the Katharine House Hospice and Barnados. Tickets can be reserved by emailing boxoffice@voicesacrosstime.com. or calling 07532446665.

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