With summer here and the schools about to break up for the holidays, here are some hot tips to keep your home and property secure as temperatures start to sizzle.

At Home
Do not leave valuables or car keys by open windows and doors
Mark your valuables with your postcode
Out enjoying your garden? Lock your doors and close your windows
Double lock your doors using the key and make sure your windows are closed even if you are just popping out
Do not leave garden tools or ladders easily accessible in your garden and make sure your shed or garage is secure.

Going Away
Going on holiday? Make it look like you’re still at home
Lock all windows and doors, cancel milk and papers
Ask someone to keep an eye on your house while you are away
Don’t advertise that you are going on holiday on social networking sites.

For further information on crime prevention this summer, visit www.thamesvalley.police.uk

Message sent by
Neil Hawkins (Police, Communications Officer, Forcewide)

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