There were apologies from Ann Lyons and District Councillors Bishop and Heath.
Mrs Diane Bratt was re-appointed Chairman for 2017/18 and David Griffiths as Vice- Chairman.
Open Forum:  Matters raised included the Parish Poll, the group supporting the proposed sporting facilities in Milton Road and their plan to stay together as a working group to produce a plan and feasibility study for same, and the overhanging trees between Rochester Way and Walton Avenue.
Report:  A report had been circulated from County Councillor Arash Fatemian who stated that he was delighted to be re-elected to serve for the next four years.  He had been appointed to the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (as before) where he hoped to continue to fight for local services, including the Horton.  He had also been investigating concerns regarding increased frequency and type of traffic along the Oxford Road and he suggested that the parishioners who had raised the issue may wish to contact the PC to request a traffic survey.
Play Equipment Project:  Councillor Jelfs displayed her final suggestions for new play equipment both at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and The Rise and quotations were to be discussed later in the private and confidential section of the meeting.
Planning:  No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:
Mr Raj Deb – Fleet Farm Barns, Aynho Road
Mrs Diane Bratt – Fleet Farm House, Aynho Road
Mrs Rebecca Nelson – 10 Sydenham Close
Mrs Shelagh Van Zwanemberg – The Ridings, 1 Lambourne Way
Mr Tim Harrington – 3 Lambourne House, Lambourne Way
Mr Wardley – the Mount, High Street
Objections had been raised concerning:
Mr M Gough – Land West of Horn Hill Road
CALA Management – Land south of Blackwood Place and Molyneux Drive and North West of Cotefield Farm, Oxford Road
Mr Tim Catling – St George’s Catholic Church, Round Close Road
Headteacher and Governors – Christopher Rawlins School
Currently under considerations is:
Banks Design Architects – Land Adjacent to Orchard House, Sir Georges Lane
Nicholas King Homes – Land North of Milton Road
Hamberley Development Ltd – Land to Rear of Gracewell Care Home, Gardner Way
Patron Adderbury Retirement Living S.A.R.L.
Mr and Mrs Jacob and Harriet Potts – Ivy House, Church Lane
With regard to Nicholas King Homes – land north of Milton road, the Chairman pointed out that the community of Adderbury did not own this land at present and it was between CDC and the developer as to whether they accepted the application.  It was not for Adderbury PC to decide.  However the PC would support the application for 5 houses subject to them being stone built with slate roof and that there would be footpath access from the site to the adjacent community land.  The PC would support the application for land to the rear of Gracewell Care Home for the construction of a 36 bedroom specialist nursing facility. With associated access, parking, landscaping and tree planting.
Finance:  The Clerk was thanked and congratulated on her work relating to the Internal Audit.
Working Parties:  The Committees and working groups within the PC were agreed with some changes which are available on  It was suggested that the finance group and Section 106 Working Groups be merged and a ‘Grants Giving’ group would be added.  There would also be a working group for leisure facilities on Milton Road added as well as a Tree Working Group.
PC Surgery: Two residents had attended, raising the matter of the Milton Road land.
Health and Safety:  All was well at the Lucy Plackett field.  A slat in the gate to the play area would be replaced.  Photographs of the broken up soft surface at The Rise would be sent to the safety officer.  There were no problems at The Lakes.
Filming:  A request from the Adderbury Cine Club to film at the walled garden allotments and the Lucy Plackett Playing field was agreed subject to suitable considerations being observed.
There had been a request to make the amenity area at Adderbury Court an alcohol free zone.  More information would be obtained about this.
Next Meeting:  27 June –  7.30 pm Church House.

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