There were apologies from Councillor Ann Lyons.

Open Forum:  Matters raised included overgrown trees which were obstructing the street lights between Rochester Way and Walton Avenue; the proposal for football pitches and community facility on the land in Milton Road; Jonathan Porter, an independent planning consultant read out a statement relating to the planning application on land west of Horn Hill Road.

Planning:  No observations had been made by the PC in respect of:
Mrs Sue Bainbridge – Sydenham House, East End
Dematic Ltd – Dematic Balliol House, Trinity Way
Mr and Mrs Yardley-Barnes – 31 Margaret Road
Mrs Hoyer Millar – Cross Hill House, Cross Hil Road
Mr Matthew Brown – Greengates, Berry Hill Road
Mr and Mrs Wetherall – Manor Barns, Manor Road
Observations had been made relating to:
Mr Ken Coaker – 36 St Mary’s Road
JB Stevens & Son – Manor Farm, Twyford Road
Objections had been reised relating to:
Leonard Cheshire Disability – Land adjoining Summers Close
Mrs Sara Wherry – NB Acres, Aynho Road
Currently under consideration were:
Mr M Gough – Land west of Horn Hill Road
CALA Management Ltd – Land South of Blackwood Place and Molyneux Drive and NW of Cotefield Farm, Oxford Road, Bodicote
Mr Tim Catling – St Georges Catholic Church, Round Close Road
Mrs Shelagh Van Zwanemberg – The Ridings, 1 Lambourne Way
Mr Tim Harrington- 3 Lambourne House, Lambourne Way

It was agreed that the site of the old Catholic Church in Round Close Road was only big enough for one dwelling.
There was lengthy discussion about the application relating to land west of Horn Hill Road which resulted in a vote which did not support the application.

Parish Council Surgery:  One resident had attended the April surgery, raising the matter of the unusual amount of heavy traffic on the Oxford Road.

Play Area Inspections:  The safety inspector would be asked to check the play area at The Rise and inform the PC if any work was necessary.  Councillor Jelfs would check the Lucy Plackett field.  There were no health and safety issues at The Lakes.

Dignity Work: The Dignity at Work Policy was approved.
It was agreed that PC meetings would be recorded and the content made public via the APC website.

Milton Road North Land:  The Chairman made the following statement. ’Adderbury PC notes the advice from Kevin Lane (Head of Law and Governance) of CDC that the restrictive covenant relating to PC land at Milton Road meets the planning objectives of clause 9.1 of the section 106 agreement and coincides with the definition included in the section 106 agreement.  APC notes that CDC has no issue with the wording of the covenant.  APC confirms its acceptance of the restrictive covenant as written.
APC notes the advice of Kyle Wyness of Messrs Spratt Endicott solicitors, that the transfer document was signed in counterpart by two authorised members of this council and that the absence of the clerk’s signature as witness is not a bar to its validity.  APC resolves to proceed with the working group set up at the March APC meeting to consider potential uses of the land in compliance with the restrictive covenant.

Library:  It was reported that FOCAL’s fund raising target of £9000 for 2016/17 had been met.  The May event is an Auction of Promises on 20th May in the Institute.  On 14 June you can Meet the Author – Anne Watts, in Church House from 4.30 pm.  In July there is a chance to meet John Julius Norwich in the Institute from 7.30 pm. New trustee Peter Britton, has been recruited to act as Secretary and Treasurer – Peter Britton.

Lap and Leap, Adderbury Fields:  In response to a request from CDC to take responsibility for the LAP and LEAP, Adderbury Fields (local play area and local equipped area of play) it was agreed that the decision should be delayed until more information regarding the costs were obtained.

Community Land, Nicholas King Homes:  An application for 5 houses had been submitted on the Nicholas King site, north Milton Road.

Next Meeting:  30 May – Church House 7.30 p.m.

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