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BBC2 – The Repair Shop

I am wondering if you might to be able to help spread the word amongst your community to see if anyone has any objects in need of repair? We are looking for family heirlooms and objects that have community value that have fallen into disrepair. For example: memorial plaques, eroded statues, snapped weather vanes, broken sun dials, cracked gargoyles, fading carvings, or antique village and pub signs. Objects need to be able to be taken to our workshop in Chichester to be repaired by our team of master craftspeople, so needs to be transportable.

Draft Notes of Parish Council Meeting – 30 May

There were apologies from Ann Lyons and District Councillors Bishop and Heath.
Mrs Diane Bratt was re-appointed Chairman for 2017/18 and David Griffiths as Vice- Chairman.
Open Forum: Matters raised included the Parish Poll, the group supporting the proposed sporting facilities in Milton Road and their plan to stay together as a working group to produce a plan and feasibility study for same, and the overhanging trees between Rochester Way and Walton Avenue.