St Mary’s Church Bellringers

The sound of church bells ringing on Sundays and for special occasions is part of English life. We have eight lovely bells in the Adderbury church but to keep them ringing we need some new ringers to join the existing band.

Adderbury Parish Council Report for October 2017

During October 2017, a meeting of Adderbury Parish Council was held on 31 October 2017.  The contents of that meeting will be reported separately. During October, individual Councillors and the Clerk carried out a number of tasks and work on projects in the village, which included: Play Equipment – meetings with Proludic, who are the […]

Draft Report of Parish Council Meeting – 31 October

Chairman’s Announcements:  Recycling Bins – Oxford Road.  To note that the issue of fly tipping had not improved and the request had been made to CDC for the textile recycling bins to be removed.
LAPLEAP Community Areas, Adderbury Fields.  A site meeting had been held with CDC and works were required before consideration could be given to the PC taking responsibility for the site.
The new play equipment had been installed at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and The Rise and the 106 monies would be released once there is agreement that the PC is satisfied with the installation.
Open Forum:  Matters brought to the attention of the PC was residents’ concern of the proposed fence removal between Adderbury Fields and St Mary’s Road and the issue of anti social behaviour in AF and also the continued poor visibility at the exit of Gracewell Care Home onto the Oxford Road.  The Clerk will make enquiries.

Help Us Plan GP Services – Now and for the Future

I am writing to invite you to a workshop that we are holding in your area. There will be a meeting in Banbury on Tuesday 21 November starting at 6.30 pm and finishing at 8.00 pm (venue to be confirmed). Local GP practices have been working with Oxfordshire CCG and patient representatives on plans for the future of GP and primary care services in Oxfordshire.

Phone Scam

We are receiving reports from members of the public, who have received calls from people claiming to be from the HMRC. The calls are coming from 020 numbers and claim that arrest warrants have been sent out for Tax Fraud. Be advised that this is a scam, please do not engage or relay any personal details to these callers. If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives, please make them aware. Contact Action Fraud 0300 123 2040.

Oxfordshire Survey of People Living in Recently Build Houses

Oxfordshire County Council is currently carrying out a short, census style survey of households occupying homes that were built in the county over the last ten years.  The survey is designed to understand what type of services and other infrastructure the community needs.  This information will be used when negotiating the contribution developers should make to support further housing growth.

Survey forms were sent out to most new households at the beginning of October, with a deadline for the return of completed forms of Friday 17th November.

So for those of you who are living in recently built homes it would be really helpful if you could complete the survey.  More information can be found where you can also complete the survey on line.

Working For Adderbury Community: Heard it all before – this time it’s for real.

Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC) met on Wednesday night for the group’s Inaugural Annual General Meeting. At the well attended meeting the group adopted their constitution and elected trustees Andy Green (Chair), Jackie Head (Vice-Chair), Kate Gibbins (Secretary), Pam Haynes (Treasurer) and from Adderbury Parish Council Councillors Keith Mitchell, Martin Rye and Chris Shallis.

The group is now calling for other interested villagers to get involved and help create the vision.