Most of us in Adderbury hear the church bells on most Sundays in the year and also for special services and occasions such as weddings and major civic occasions.
We appreciate the services of the ringers who are mostly unseen tucked away in the tower. However we do need to keep the numbers up, so if anyone is interested in taking up ringing, or just curious to see how it is done, then please do turn up on any Tuesday evening when we practice and have a look.
There is no age limit, but children under their teens may find the bells a little heavy so thirteen to eighty is a good age range! There is of course no commitment but you will be guaranteed an interesting hour.
For more information contact the Tower Captain, Colin Lee, on 07876573967, Chris Holmes on 01295 810308 or Trish Fennell on 01295 811059; or just turn up on a Tuesday evening between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm.

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