This letter has been written by SIX of the 12 members of Adderbury Parish Council – Diane Bratt, Chairman of Adderbury Parish Council, David Griffiths, Vice Chairman, Ann Lyons, Keith R Mitchell CBE, Martin Rye, and Chris Shallis.

They are asking you to be sure to vote in the Parish Poll and to vote YES to encourage the parish council to provide these new facilities, including football with other sports, in planning for the use of land at Milton Road which has been gifted to the parish council.

Adderbury has a golden opportunity to create an exciting facility for the whole village that could support badminton, cricket, football, netball and running to mention just some sports.

A new village hall could also be used by the wealth of organisations that Adderbury enjoys, including amateur dramatics, music and film, indoor sports, the village primary school and others. Many groups have said they will want to use it and will help plan and fund raise.

Contrary to rumours being spread, the parish council would manage this facility.  It would not be handed over to a single group or a private club.  Please vote YES.

Leaflets that have been distributed in some parts of Adderbury contain a number of untruths.  The most recent one has been ‘supported’ by 32 residents of whom 17 live in Horn Hill Road, 12 in adjacent roads and 3 in Twyford.

The parish council is divided and it is true that some councillors are wholly opposed to including football pitches and changing facilities on the land at Milton Road. These councillors live near to the site in question.

The Parish Poll, called for 11th May asks a biased non-question.  It asks electors: Do you support the plans for football pitches and a clubhouse on the land north of Milton Road?  This is misleading because the parish council has no plans for this land to be used exclusively for football pitches or to build a clubhouse for football use alone. However, we would like the parish council to have the freedom to consult the village on providing new facilities for the community and for village sport, and to include Adderbury football players in the consultation.   Vote YES to enable us to provide facilities for village children and a wide variety of village groups, including but not exclusively football.

We are very clear that a new village hall would have to pay its way and there should be no claim on the council tax. Charges to users would pay towards the running costs of the hall. However, there is potential for raising the capital cost of a hall through lottery funding, national sporting bodies and developer funding. All of this will be part of the consultation.

The parish council has been gifted a little over 7 acres to the north of Milton Road and the condition agreed between Cherwell District Council and the developers and contained in a restrictive covenant included in the land transfer is for “sports pitches and a community facility”.

Opponents are claiming the restrictive covenant is incorrect but Cherwell District Council has issued a statement saying: “This Council has no issue with the wording of the covenant in the land transfer as it ensures the Milton Road land will be used as intended by the Section 106 agreement”. To us this means village sports and a potential new village hall.

We are excited at the possibility of securing provision for sports and a new village hall with modern facilities for our village of 3,000 residents.  Many villages have bright and spacious village halls with space for organisations of all sizes and interests.  Adderbury has lagged behind and it is time we provided something for young and old; sporting and artistic; active or reflective; in fact for all to enjoy and use.  The Lucy Plackett playing field is a fine green space but access and parking are poor and it is prone to flooding.


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  • Rick Atkinson

    Anybody who knows anything about Judicial Reviews will tell you that permission to proceed is not granted within a matter of days (6 weeks to 6 months depending on the complaint is the norm) – something I am sure Mr Davies will know only too well. So, one can only conclude that his announcement was timed (the day before the Parish Poll) to discredit the PC and try to sway voters to vote “no”. Funny old thing, that the day after the poll, he informs us that his application has not yet been accepted but is under consideration. The current legal trend is that his application is likely to be thrown out as “unmeritorious” or “vexatious”.

    • Simon Davies

      Vexatious indeed, lets hope that Mr Davies sees sense and withdraws this request for a Judicial Review so we do not waste time and money. Many thanks to all our Councillors who give up so much time and effort to help the village, can we now pull together to make the most of this great opportunity. The vote has been taken and the result is clear, so lets accept it, bury hatchets and get on with it without further specious delaying tactics taking place.

  • Anne Harvey

    Self-serving nonsense from six people who never fail to let our village down. Shame on every one of you.

  • Stephen M Betts

    I have to say that I am delighted by all of the activity around the Parish Poll.

    In a complete contrast to the undemocratic efforts of last autumn, I cannot believe that anyone in the village is unaware of the poll taking place this Thursday.

    Campaigners for both sides of the argument have been very active in promoting their views. This is what I hoped would happen when I proposed the poll in April.

    Whatever you decide to vote, be it YES or NO, please go along to the school on Thursday and VOTE.

    Let it be the village who decides what it wants.

  • Nigel Davies

    I confirm that on 8 May 2017 the Birmingham Administrative Court granted me permission to proceed with my claim for Judicial Review of APC’s assertion (dated 1 April 2017) that it is obliged to use the Land North of Milton Road for “…sports pitches and a community facility”.

    • Anne Harvey

      Excellent news. Well done, Sir!

    • Nigel Davies

      Further to my posting on 10th the permission to proceed is still being considered. That means it has not yet been granted contrary to what I had previously understood. APC is entitled to file an Acknowledgement of Service with summary grounds and to do so within 21 days.

  • Gill Hunt

    Why can’t ALL the Parish Council work together for the whole village and listen to reasonable views and then make a decision to the benefit of the whole community and stop all this unnecessary bickering,

    • Andy Green

      I completely agree Gill. Please attend the next Parish Council meeting to see for yourself from where the bickering and back-stabbing emanates. Also watch for those non-Councillors in attendance who attend with a desire to disrupt the meeting. I know others who attended last month for the first time who were gobsmacked by what they saw.

  • Peter Burrows

    As has been asked before “Who gifted the 7 acres to whom and when?”

    Won’t hold my breath for an answer, I didn’t get one before.

    Nor to the request for a definition of “frequently”

    Why? Because ‘they’ do not have an answer. ‘They’ make statements but never
    back them up with facts.

    We put up facts. “They” never say which of those facts are untrue.


    Because they are true!

  • Peter Burrows

    Small point. There are 5 residents of Twyford who signed the letter not 3.

    There would have been more but lack of space restricted the number of names.

    The thirty two who signed were all residents .

    The six were all Parish Councillors who have always voted with the present
    Chairperson who when necessary always uses her casting vote to get what
    she wants even to the extent of voting herself into the Chair!

  • David Taylor-Evans

    It would be good to see some details from this section of APC regarding the repeated claims that the NO campaign are publishing “untruths”. Please list the areas you disagree with as it appears to me that the NO publication has cited all references to the arguments it makes whilst this article offers vague statements.

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