There were apologies from Councillors Asbury and Jelfs.

The Chairman welcomed Jeanne Vella-Eyre, the Gracewell Care Home Manager who gave a resume of the care home which is about to open.  It has 60 beds situated on two floors and provides dementia care, nursing care and residential facility.  Recruitment of staff had been successful.  Open days were planned and residents would be moving in gradually.  They were planning to hold a flower show raising funds to purchase a defibrillator for the village.

Open Forum:  Matters brought to the attention of councillors in Open Forum included the size of the village school, the proposed future use of the land north of Milton Road, the henge-like remains recently discovered which extended onto this land and their possible excavation, the impact on the neighbouring development of Adderbury Fields of any new sports facilities in Milton Road and also the legal validity into a full and proper survey of use of this land.

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plans:  After some lengthy discussion it was proposed and seconded that this should be put forward for submission to CDC who would check for legalities and then put out for a further six weeks of public and stakeholder consultation.  A warm vote of thanks was given to Sam Brown, the chairman of the ANP steering group.

Planning:  No observations had been made by PC in respect of the following applications:

Mrs Jo Borg – Farthing Cottage, Chapel Lane
Mrs Sadie Harper – 3 Church Close
Mrs Katie Macdonald – Adderbury Hill Barn, Milton Road
Mr Pete Flemming – Pebsham Cottage, Aynho Road
Mr and Mrs Dunstan-Gerdes – The Old House, Tanners Lane
Observations had been made in respect of:
Mr and Mrs Hawkins – Tryad House, High Street
Mr William Aylward – Pine Trees, Berry Hill Road
Lets Play Project – Orchards View, Twyford Road, Twyford
Mr and Mrs P Hinckley – Shepherds Keep, Water Lane
Mr and Mrs T Harrington – 3 Lambourne House, Lambourne Way

Currently under consideration:
Mr Ken Coaker – 36 St Mary’s Road
Mrs Sue Baimbridge – Sydenham House, East End
Leonard Cheshire Disability – Land adjoining Summers Close
Dematic Ltd – Dematic Balliol House, Trinity Way
JB Stevens & Son – Manor Farm, Twyford Road
Mr and Mrs Yardley-Barnes – 31 Margaret Road, Twyford
Mrs Hoyer Millar – Cross Hill House
Matthew Brown – Greengates, Berry Hill Road

There was a discussion regarding the Leonard Cheshire Disability application and it was agreed that the PC would object to it based on Neighbourhood Plan boundary policies and that Summers Close was a rural exception site.  It was also agreed that there should be some sort of planting scheme at the back of Gracewell and Janet Blunt House to soften the view from the fields beyond.

Parish Council Surgeries:  Two residents had attended the last surgery.  Matters raised included the new houses being built next to Adderbury Court, school parking.

Health and Safety:  It was reported that there were no health and safety issues at The Rise, Lucy Plackett Playing Field or The Lakes.

Welcome Pack:  It was suggested that a welcome pack detailing information about the village should be made available to all new residents in the village.  Mrs Sandra Fearne, a local resident pointed out that Contact was already delivered to the sales offices of new developments and that something might be incorporated in that.  Contact no longer put flyers inside the magazine.

Timms’ Cart:  An old builders cart with ‘Timms’ name on the side had been found at the new development north of Milton Road.  It was proposed that the developer would be advised to get in touch with Banbury museum, Bloxham museum or the Tythe Barn at Swacliffe to see if they might be interested in keeping it.

Burial Ground:  It was agreed that quotations would be obtained for carrying out tests on the existing burial ground on Horn Hill Road to determine the ground water levels and its effect on the PC future burial policy.  These tests would not be carried out until a check was carried out later in the year to establish whether the recent ditch drainage had helped the situation.

Land North of Milton Road:  As the PC had progressed this matter there had been quite a lot of take up by local groups for sport use and changing facility on this land.  A working group of interested parties would be set up to develop an idea of what those facilities might look like and bring it back to PC to discuss progression.

Land to Rear of Adderbury Court:  There had been a proposal for pupils of Christopher Rawlins Primary School to use this land for their ‘Forest Schools’ projects.  The PC agreed this in principal and there would be further discussions.

Library:  A meeting had taken place between FOCAL, Church House, APC and OCC which was very positive and encouraging that there was significant developer funding to support the library.  Several issues were discussed including the possibility of extending the building on the north and south sides (costings being obtained)  possible conversion of the present store room into a computer room, and the idea of adopting the county council OpenPlus initiative which would make the library available to library members beyond the current opening hours by means of electronic access.  However this was very much dependent on the church view as it is a church building.  The recruitment of a new Library Manager had been discussed, a FOCAL leaflet was now available.  Making books available in The Bell was to be investigated.

Defibrillator:  Councillor Shallis reported that donations from Gracewell, Fired Earth, Hook Norton Brewery had been forthcoming.  He was setting up a Just Giving page and there would be public funding advertised in Contact.

Parking in Keytes Close and Adderbury Court:  An email had been sent to all parents asking them to be mindful of where they parked when dropping their children off at school and a police presence had been requested to give advice to parents.

Next Meeting:  25 April Church House 7.30 pm.

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  • W. Hepworth

    When will the FINALreport on this meeting be published, or is it available on Adderbury Parish Council’s website?
    A draft summary gives insufficient information. 

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