Adderbury Cricket Needs You! – 3 September

Fancy a game? –phone Nick Fennell now on 811059.
Well you never know, after the Parish Poll we might get our cricket field back, but in the meantime we will have to make do with the 23rd staging of the annual match against the boys from Milton.

This year the big match will be on Sunday 3 September at Broughton & North Newington CC at 2.00 pm, when we will be fighting to regain our hold on the Millennium Trophy, inaugurated as part of the village celebrations in 1995.

BBC2 – The Repair Shop

BBC2’s The Repair Shop are seeking damaged family and community heirlooms for their second series and objects that have special significance during Christmas time for their upcoming Christmas special. The series follows a team of passionate and skilled crafts people who restore damaged objects of sentimental value.

Whatever happened to the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan?

Good question – Following six weeks’ consultation with villagers and other stakeholders earlier this year, the revised plan was approved by the Parish Council in May and duly submitted to Cherwell District Council.
As we had previously met with them and sought their advice on a number of occasions, we believed that their role in vetting the Plan for legalities and any further issues would be just a formality, before they passed it out for another six weeks’ consultation as expected.

Dog Fouling in Adderbury

It has been brought to the attention of Adderbury Parish Council that dog fouling is an issue around the village generally and specifically in The Rise. Therefore, the Parish Council would kindly remind dog owners to clean up after their pets and use the bins provided for the health and safety of the community.
If the problem persists the Parish Council will have to engage the services of the Dog Warden, which may result in fines for irresponsible dog owners.

New Play Equipment

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that it will be adding some new pieces of play equipment to the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and play area and also to the play area at The Rise. These new items include a zip wire, climbing hut, climbing frame, a metal-pod swing and a rodeo-board at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and a four seat see-saw and climbing unit at The Rise.