Fireworks Safety in Oxfordshire on 5 November

As Bonfire Night approaches, Oxfordshire County Council is reminding residents that the safest way to celebrate is to attend a professionally organised public event that is confirmed as COVID-19 safety compliant, following local and national guidance.
However, as it will not be practical for everyone to attend organised public events, particularly this year, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service is providing guidance for anyone having their own fireworks display:

Update on Parish Council’s Increasing Biodiversity Project

About a year ago the Parish Council agreed to follow up the Chairman’s initiative in creating increased biodiversity areas around the village and encouraging residents to become involved.
Following a report on this project in the Contact a number of residents contacted the Clerk and Chairman to express support and interest in being involved. As a result, areas around the village have been left unmown during this summer to encourage grass and wild flowers to grow. These include Lake Walk Green, Tanners Lane areas of grass/verge and St Mary’s Road entrance.

Hedgehog Signs

The PC has bought hedgehog warning signs for a number of areas in the village where we believe there is a high density of hedgehogs and therefore increased risk to them from traffic. Please look out for hedgehogs in your garden and elsewhere and help the PC to look after them. The PC would like to thank all residents for their continued support.