Draft Minutes of Parish Council Zoom Meeting – 12 January

There were apologies from Councillors Jamie Cox and Sheila August. Minutes:  It was proposed that when the new grass cutting contract was agreed the first cut would be arranged for w/c 23 March 2021. Chairman’s Announcements:  The Chairman announced the retirement of John Cleeton of Rascal Horticultural, the company who had looked after the allotments […]

Can you help Home-Schooling Children with your Spare Laptop?

Parents who are home-schooling are heavily relying on computers which might be in short supply. We wondered if there are any ‘old’ or ‘spare’ laptops in the village that could be donated to them? The Adderbury Foeffees team have taken this challenge on board, with local volunteer help to get machines wiped/refurbished/delivered. If you do have a spare laptop or desk top please call Feoffees Clerk Charlotte Holmes on 01295 810308. Thank you

The Lakes

We are aware how much the village values the Lakes during these difficult times. During the summer and autumn they have been busier than usual, with families travelling from surrounding areas to visit. This meant we had to close the deer field path walk, which formed part of the one-way system, as it became too muddy and slippery to be safe. This does mean that social distancing takes a little more effort, so please make sure you step aside and make as much space as you can when meeting other walkers.

Reminder – Community Governance Review – Second Stage Consultation

Your response to the second consultation of the Community Governance Review regarding whether Adderbury Parish Council should be split into two wards is due to be returned to Cherwell District Council by 4 January. The full report and recommendations of the Working Group will then be submitted to Cherwell District Council on 22 February 2021.  Click here to see details of the Second Stage Consultation.

FOCAL Laptop Prize Draw

Your chance to win a fabulous laptop worth over £1000 and support the Library. Draw to be made on 14 February 2021 (Valentine’s day) Tickets £10 each. Get yours online at adderburyfocal.org.uk.  This is what you could win! A Lenovo ThinkPad E15. The ThinkPad E15 can help drive your productivity and gaming experience forward. There’s extra peace of mind with the built-in security.