Parish Council Statement on Community Governance Review

The Parish Council is aware of the petition submitted to Cherwell District Council from some residents in West Adderbury, requesting a Community Governance Review (CGR).
The District Council has informed those residents that they will comply in due course and normally this would be within 12 months (which should be the 6 April 2021) but in the current situation they cannot confirm that timing. As residents will appreciate, all levels of local government are concentrating on currently dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.
Cherwell District Council will set the Terms of Reference for the CGR and when the District Council does start the Review, the Parish Council will be able to inform residents fully.

VE Day 2020

This year should have seen parades, church services, street parties to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, the end of the war against Japan is due to be honoured in August.  Early this year Covid 19 stepped in and , for want of a better phrase, tried to spoil the party.  However, the whole country, from the Queen down, refused to play ball, even the weather co-operated.
If anything I think it brought us closer to our relatives from 1945 and has given us a small insight into what they had faced. The main difference of course is that they had a visible enemy, something tangible, we cannot see our enemy. Click here to see celebration photos kindly sent by Ann Lyons, Val Scarff, Erica Bradfield and Colin Galloway.

May Lockdown ‘Contact’

We decided not to produce a May edition (or June or July ???) because of problems with print, distribution, lack of content, etc. (e.g. April contained a diary of what was not going to happen in the next two months!).
But hang on – Adderbury needs its Contact’, and there’s still plenty going on to report about – so click here to read your online edition. Please think about friends and neighbours who are not online, and perhaps print them off a copy of pages 1-20?
Plenty going on? In the last six weeks, Adderbury people have shown their true colours with an amazing array of examples of community support and community enjoyment whether in person or via social media.
Thank you Adderbury. Enjoy your read.