Auction Fever Grips Manor Road

On Saturday Manor Road was heaving with automobile nuts arriving to view the auction of the late Charles Swain’s fabulous collection of vintage cars and various other automobilia.

And the sale did not disappoint, with a vibrant atmosphere and some healthy bidding, and lots being knocked down to a mix of visiting and local enthusiasts in the marquee, on the phone and of course on the internet.

Adderbury Friday Club – For All Those Who Work From Home

Do you work from home? Does it sometimes drive you mad? How do you cope with the lack of mates and support around you? Fancy meeting some more Adderbury homeworkers?
There are plenty of them at the Friday Club with an amazing cross-section of jobs and skill sets – but all with similar challenges and issues to yours.

Can You Help Edit Adderbury Contact?

Following the sad loss of Marie Corney, we urgently need another editor to help keep Contact going. Contact has come a long way since it first appeared in January 1979 as an eight page issue. By volunteering you help ensure Contact continues to be an important part of village life informing the community and helping local businesses.